The ID cards are used to access the amenity areas, and are required of all Bentwater residents.


 Both adults and children need ID cards at Bentwater.

The Board of Directors decided that photo-ID cards was the way to go at Bentwater after years of trying other methods.  Other neighborhoods have wristbands, key fobs, and the like, and the photo-ID cards were the best way to truly identify a resident of Bentwater, and not just someone who borrowed a wristband, etc.  So, if you are a resident at Bentwater,  you need an ID card.  If you are 13 years old or older, you will be required to have a photo-ID.  If you are 12 years old and under, you will get a kid-card which will be for identification purposes only.  Most families elect to have all their ID cards on one lanyard for pool/amenity use, especially if they have young children.  

ID cards are needed if you are using one of our 5 pools.  They should also be taken with you while you are on Bentwater property for identification, and for use of such areas as the basketball courts, tennis courts, playgrounds, etc.  The Security Patrol may be asking to see your ID card, even kids, and you should be prepared to show it to them, so that they can be assured that you are a Bentwater resident.  

Permanent residents of Bentwater who live here 24/7 are the only ones who can get these ID's.  You cannot obtain them for distant relatives, friends, your boss at work, and the like.  

A note about stickers:  

Each January 1,  HOA fees come due and payable.  As soon as you've paid your fees, hopefully in January, please come to the HOA office to get a new colored sticker for the back of your ID card.  The reason for this is that this new sticker will instantly signify to the Security Patrol that you are current on your fees and may use the amenities.  Anyone who has not paid their fees cannot get a sticker, and may not use the amenities.  So, stickers are really important, and even when you are at the pool in the Summer, and you have not gotten your current sticker, the Security Patrol will ask you to leave until you do acquire the sticker.   You can get stickers at the HOA office without an appointment, so as soon as your fees have been paid, come on over and we'll sticker you up! 

How to obtain the ID card: 

If you are a long-time resident of Bentwater, you should have an ID card, but if not, just contact our HOA office at 770-529-8585, and we'll walk you through the process.  We started off with two outdated software packages for these ID's back in the day, and now we are equipped with one major web-based control system.  Teamed with our electronic gate system, these ID's will enable us to see anyone's information who has accessed the pool gates, when, where and what time.  This system helps us keep residents safer than ever before, and we don't take that lightly.  We are able now to serve you even better, and with more convenience than we have in the past.

If you are brand new to Bentwater, also call us at the HOA office, and we'll let you know the easy, easy process for this ID card requirement.  Contact us ahead of time instead of just showing up, so that we know in advance that you need a card, and we can direct you.  We'd love to help you!


A few rules for ID's:  

* We don't take people in the HOA office on a walk-in basis for acquiring these cards.
  The reason being that it takes some time to make ID's and also we may be busy doing something else important, or out and about on the property, or in meetings, etc..  Please call for an appointment, and if you meet certain criteria, we may even be able to make your cards without your having to come
and sit for a picture to be made.....  

Please just call us ahead of time, and we can streamline this process for you!  

* You need your own ID card.  You may not use someone else's card, even if they are in your family. 
Security will ask you to leave an amenity if you are using someone else's card. 

*  If you are 13 years old and older, you can have guests at the pools and amenity areas.  If you are 12 and under, you may not have guests and must have adult supervision at all times at the amenities. 
If you do have guests, you are responsible for their behavior at the amenity areas.

*  Even if you have ID cards, you are expected to maintain the proper, courteous behavior at the pools and amenities, and you are required to obey the orders of the lifeguards immediately.   

* Under the Amenities tab on the home page you can read all the rules in detail for all the major amenities.