The Cedarcrest Road Project Committee will hold a meeting on Tuesday, March 26 from 7- 9pm in the Parlor Room at the  BW Community Clubhouse - upper level. 

This meeting is not an informational meeting.  Areas of concern have been identified by the committee and task forces will be formed to execute the committee’s plan of action to make sure that our voices are heard by our elected officials and by those considering the project. 

We urge you to get involved!  Please attend if you want to actively participate in this committee.  Together, we as residents, want to do everything in our power to preserve the character of our Community and the lifestyle which drew us to live in the Bentwater/Cedarcrest Community.

If you attended the March 5th meeting and provided your email address but did not receive an email from the Committee Chair or if you would like to be an active committee member, please email her at